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About Buy Chai

You are in for a natural ride here. We promise the experience would be worth-while, as our Chai would somehow manage to enthrall your soul, in whatsoever form it may can. Here you will get to know everything about us, and what we are trying to achieve with our Maharashtra Tea. Since our birth in 1933 we have been spreading love and happiness with our flavours and fragrances. Now, we have come up with another such element, BUY Chai; which promises to maintain the same trend of delivering quality and spreading joy.

Magical Drink


To cut down on the monotonousness of tea, we were bound to introduce three of our own versions (Regular Tea, Flavoured Tea, Herbal Tea) of the magical drink. So sit back on that rocking chair of yours and sip down a hot cup of this flavor royally. Now, we all deserve to spend some quality time with our family, don’t we? And every single moment with them counts for happiness.